3...2...1...Booster ignition and liftoff!

December 28, 2018 | Zahar Poletaev
Spaceship launch

This is the first post on our blog. And today we want to say “Hello World” and announce the launch of the official website dedicated to Gurtam Space platform. Here you will find the latest news about the project, the platform and get in touch with our team if you have any questions. In this article we will shed light on the concept of the platform and focus on its peculiarities.

So, what is Space?

First of all, Space is a platform – the set of tools and mechanisms for really quick and effective development of telematics solutions. This is the software that will allow us to easily build applications, called apps, for every business and niche.

Gurtam Space features absolutely new architecture, new backends, and structural elements making the platform fast, powerful, and highly productive. Our development team is using the latest technologies and self-made innovative mechanisms to make the development process on Space as fast as possible.

Unlike most of the products in telematics, Space will not have a centralized interface at all. Instead, apps will appear. Each app will represent an interface serving a business need. Like one app for concrete mixers tracking, another app for fuel monitoring, and so on. Each app will cover one business need 100% and will only have the functionality that is necessary, no unused features.

All the apps ever developed on Space will reside in one spot – an online marketplace for telematics products, called Gurtam App Market. The idea behind it is similar to App Store or Google Play, where one service comprises various solutions from different developers that can be ranked by popularity, price, feedback, and so on. One of the best things about the marketplace is that you can not only buy ready-made solutions and use them for your business, but also build your own apps and sell them through the same marketplace.

The concept and ideas behind Space platform are quite ambitious and not that easy to implement. But our team loves difficulties, and firstly we are planning to release the first app for testing in 2019- 2020. Unfortunately, right we can not announce when the commercial version of the product will be released, but be sure to be among the firs ones to know the details in our blog. 

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