15 things you need to know about Gurtam Space

February 1, 2019 | Zahar Poletaev
15 things you need to know about Gurtam Space telematic platform for developers

At Telematics 2018, we announced Gurtam Space, the new product to hot the market in the upcoming years. Since then, Space has become a trending topic drawing tons of interest and questions around it. Today, we answer FAQ we came across so far. So, let’s go ahead.

1. What is Space?

It is the most popular question asked. Gurtam Space is a new product that will be marketed along with Wialon Hosting and Local. Its сore goal is to cover the gap of business-specific solutions. Gurtam Space will allow users to build new apps based on their customers' requirements and easily promote them on the market. Space stands out from Gurtam products and other telematics software. It doesn’t have an interface we got used to: a monitoring panel and a map. Instead, Gurtam Space has:
  • Control Panel as a universal management interface;
  • Apps serving as user interfaces;
  • Development tools to create these apps;
  • App Market where all the apps reside.

2. Who can use Gurtam Space and develop apps?

Gurtam Space is the platform for our partners and in-house development team, first of all. Though we are sure that third-party developers with enough knowledge, experience, and resources to build proper telematics solutions will also become Space customers.

3. When are you planning to release Gurtam Space?

Due to the fact, that Gurtam Space is being created based on brand new technologies that have never been used before, we face a lot of changes throughout the development process and,  unfortunately, we can not schedule the exact date of the platform release. 

When we have a certain timeline, you will surely be the first to know about it from our blog and newsletters.

4. Is Gurtam Space a replacement for Wialon Local and Hosting?

Is Gurtam Space a replacement for Wialon Local and Hosting?

No, Space is not going to replace the existing Gurtam products. It is designed as a platform for the development of business-specific solutions in telematics. The new product will ensure that Gurtam partners get the optimal development tools to cover niche markets.

5. Can I transfer my units from Wialon Hosting or Local to Gurtam Space?

We have already developed a mechanism that allows us to receive telematics data from Wialon Hosting and use it to locate units in Gurtam Space. In the future, we will do our best to get as much telematics data from Wialon Hosting as possible and properly interpret it on Space.

6. How do apps on Gurtam Space differ from Wialon apps and if Wialon apps will be compatible with the new product?

Space apps are developed using the tools of Gurtam Space and will work only within Gurtam Space. The new apps will be much more flexible and effective.

This is possible thanks to the innovative structure and architecture of the platform and the logic of Gurtam Space in general. To work with Wialon apps on Space, one will have to rewrite them from scratch using Space development tools.

7. What is the idea behind Gurtam Space pricing, will it be cheaper than Hosting?

The idea behind the pricing is to make it flexible, transparent, and fair. In other words, our customers will pay only for the resources used, skipping the cost of the unused services.

Since Gurtam Space drastically differs from Wialon, billing here will also be different. Space, as a platform for apps development, will not be charged. Instead, customers will pay for the apps used. The monthly cost will depend on the type of the app and the amount of resources used by a fleet.

A customer can easily estimate the monthly cost of service and extend the functionality to alter the payments.

8. What programming languages will be compatible with Gurtam Space?

The developers will be able to use any programming language to create apps on Space. The platform itself will communicate with all the apps through its API. Though Gurtam will not restrict developers in how they build interfaces or logic, we will provide technical and legal recommendations to be followed when building apps.

9. What is the idea between Space and flespi?

flespi is an integral part of Gurtam Space. Using the innovative technologies of flespi, the new product can consume any telematics data. flespi also allows the platform to parse messages and store them in a special way to quickly extract and analyze them. In general, flespi and Gurtam Space teams cooperate a lot – we work on common projects and share knowledge every day.

10. What is the idea behind the App Market?

Gurtam app market

Gurtam App Market will become a centralized store to incorporate all apps ever created on Space. The idea behind the App Market is similar to App Store or Google Play. One market offering solutions for Gurtam Partners from various developers that can be ranged by popularity, price, feedback, and so on. One of the best things about the marketplace is that you can not only buy the right apps for your business, but also sell your own solutions through the same service.

11. Who will be in charge of the apps on the market?

We understand that the App Market is a complicated ecosystem. Our team is going to take care of quality control, where apps are hosted, legal and political issues that may arise. This also includes billing: how users pay for the apps, how developers receive their revenue, and many other aspects.

12. Where will the platform-based apps be hosted?

The developer of an app is free to choose if he wants to host the app on his server or a third-party data center.

13. How do app developers get the revenue for their apps?

Developers will make money by providing their apps to other members of the community via App Market. Gurtam is planning to manage the commercial part of the business and pay the revenue to the developers whose apps bring profits on the market.

14. Are you planning to develop a server-based version of Space aka. Local Space?

Gurtam Space is being developed as a SaaS solution with all the services cloud-based. At the moment, our team is totally focused on the cloud version of the product, and we are not planning to make Space server-based in the near future.

15. Can apps on Gurtam Space be white-labelled?

An application on Space could be white-labelled if the developer opted for this when creating the app. Gurtam in its turn is planning to provide the white-labelling option for all Gurtam Space apps.

Those are the answers to most frequently asked questions about Gurtam Space we have come across so far. We hope we have shed some light on the concept of our product. We are sure that you will have more questions as far as Gurtam Space is developed, so please do not hesitate to ask them via email and subsсribe to our blog to be up to speed on Space news.

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